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Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)

Our Approach

GFDT will support the deployment of low-carbon mobility and resilient transport solutions in three ways:

Project design and implementation: GFDT financing will target pilot projects with measurable climate benefits that use innovative technology.

Research and data: Robust analytics are essential in identifying the specific challenges faced by each country and identifying the right solutions.

Capacity building: GFDT will help clients modernize policies, regulations, and institutions to catalyze more resources for low-carbon transport.


GFDT will fast-track the transition to greener, more sustainable transport by helping developing countries:

  • Avoid motorized transport where possible
  • Shift passenger and freight traffic to greener modes
  • Improve the efficiency of transport vehicles and operations with new technology
  • Strengthen transport systems to enhance resilience
Logo of the Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT)

About the Program

The Global Facility to Decarbonize Transport (GFDT) is a multi-donor trust fund that aims to accelerate innovation and investment toward climate-smart mobility solutions.

Contact Us

Shokraneh Minovi
Washington, DC