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Digital Development Partnership (DDP)

As digital progress is fast and primarily private sector-driven, DDP draws on best practices from client countries and the private sector. To this end, DDP is bringing together traditional partners from the development community and leading global IT firms. Much of this digital development agenda is encouraged through loans and grants from the World Bank and other development partners.

Currently, DDP is in a partnership with Denmark, Finland, Germany, Google, GSMA, Israel, Japan, Korea, Microsoft, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom. DDP will further expand the partnership to catalyze multidonor funds to accelerate the engagement with country clients, roll out new approaches to ICT, and advance digital development.

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"Digital technologies are enablers, drivers and accelerators of sustainable development and growth. The exponential spread of digital technologies is already improving societies and people’s lives and holds the potential for us to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs. Digitalisation is a new cross-cutting tool in Danish development cooperation and together with DDP we seek to contribute to bridging the digital divides and harness the digital dividends in developing countries."





"The ongoing digital revolution is fundamentally changing the world we live in and will provide new opportunities to enhance development and the achievement of the SDGs. DDP strengthens Finland’s long-term commitment to enhance development of information societies and innovation capacities in partner countries."


"Cyber capacity building helps ensure that the benefits of digital technologies and the digital society are made available to everyone.  Particularly with respect to cybersecurity, capacity building also helps ensure the stability of the cyberspace for the benefit of the many industries worldwide and the critical infrastructure that depend on it.  DDP helps realize Germany’s commitment to support developing countries in their efforts to enjoy the opportunities and avoid the risks of digitalization"



"Google is proud to join the Digital Development Partnership in 2020. Technology enables individuals to find new opportunities, businesses to find new markets, entrepreneurs to build new businesses, and governments to solve major challenges facing the nation and the world. But we have also seen that many are left out of this picture. It is critical that governments and businesses work together, through structures such as the Digital Development Partnership, to ensure that the benefits of technology are shared by everyone, that people have the skills to participate, and that policies foster inclusive economic growth across all countries."




"Digitalization is revolutionizing the way entire sectors operate and has the power to transform communities and people’s futures. In many markets, mobile networks are the most widespread and reliable infrastructure to deliver digital services, so mobile is a key enabler in connecting populations and driving economic growth. On behalf of the mobile industry, the GSMA is proud to be part of DDP and believes that the framework it provides for public-private sector partnership has the potential to deliver substantial change for good."



"Digital technologies create enormous opportunities for the developing world. The ability to leapfrog missing development phases to the capabilities of tomorrow brings the chance to close the development gap between countries and societies and recruit the best of what technology has to offer towards achieving the SDGs. Yet, wide use of such technologies also creates risks for a country’s cyber-resilience and data protection, thus hindering trust and minimizing the benefits of digital development. Israel is working intensively with its partners at the DDP, making sure the developing world is ready for the cyber age."




"Cyberspace is a place in which intellectual property, such as technological innovations and new business models can be created and will continue to serve as a platform for sustainable development of economic society. The security of cyberspace, which serves as the foundation of economic society, must be ensured, and at the same time, its autonomously sustained evolution and development has to be ensured in order to achieve sustainable progress and wealth to society. Japan will continue to actively contribute to DDP so as to promote cybersecurity capacity building for developing countries."





"Digitalization possesses the potential to benefit people’s way of life with digital technologies. On the other hand, rapid development of technology also has risks of widening the digital divide. The Digital Development Partnership has been helping to bridge such digital divide between countries. Korea, as a partner of DDP, will stand by the World Bank and keep working together to maximize benefits and reduce risks of digitalization."




"The Digital Development Partnership teams Microsoft (and others) with the World Bank to help operationalize the 2016 WDR on Digital Dividends, by bringing public and private sector partners together to catalyze support to developing countries and emerging economies with digital development strategies and plans. Entirely consistent with the mission “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more”, Microsoft supports DDP efforts to empower countries by ensuring an Enabling Environment for Digital Development by advancing technology adoption and accelerating digital transformation, enabling them to achieve digital dividends for all their constituents."



"We will not achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 without actively utilizing new digital tools. The world is in a digital revolution that fundamentally changes the way we live, work and relate to each other. Countries that have been able to keep up with digital development have accelerated growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery. Throughout the breadth of our development policy, Norway wants to be a pioneering country to ensure that developing countries take part in the opportunities offered by innovation and digitalization. We also want to focus on marginalized groups and vulnerable individuals in society. With digital tools and our collaboration through the World Bank’s Digital Development Partnership we help more people to be reached, so no one will be left behind."

The Netherlands


"Digital technologies play a vital role in development and progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Digital technologies create economic opportunities and foster inclusivity by ensuring access to information in remote areas. In order to achieve sustainable growth and development, cybersecurity is an important precondition. As such The Netherlands promotes cyber capacity-building efforts and underlines the importance of a rules-based cyberspace. The Netherlands is a committed partner of the DDP and supports the creation of a free, open, and safe cyberspace for everyone worldwide."


"For Sida, digital for development means new opportunities to develop and increase the effectiveness of our operations. Digitalisation creates new paths for development and affects all dimensions of poverty – resources, opportunities and choice, power and voice, as well as human security. Technology can lift people out of poverty and oppression but it can also increase divisions in society and accelerate negative trends. In this transformation, Sida seeks to support opportunities for inclusive development and engages actively to reduce the risks. That is why Sida is proud to be engaged in the Digital Development Partnership."

The United Kingdom



"Digital technologies have the potential to revolutionize the lives of the poor, unlock development and prosperity, and accelerate progress towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Currently, significant barriers stand in the way of realizing the full potential of digital development, including the lack of access to the internet, exposing the most vulnerable and marginalized to the risk of being left behind. The UK will work to reduce these digital divides by enabling secure and inclusive access to the growth and prosperity promised by digital development. Our partnership with DDP will support the delivery of our digital development and cybersecurity strategies."

 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

"Saudi Arabia shares a common vision with the DDP in bringing together public and private sector partners to advance digital solutions and accelerate safe and inclusive digital transformation in developing countries. KSA will work in partnership with other DDP partners and organizations to positively contribute to global development and harness responsible AI as an enabling pillar for digital development. Our aim is to make a real difference and leave no one behind."