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BRIEF April 9, 2019

Development Marketplace 2019: Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya

Examining the effectiveness of MediCapt:

Mobile collection of forensic evidence of sexual violence in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

World Bank Director of Strategy & Operations Africa Diariétou Gaye presents 2019 Development Marketplace award to Karen Naimer, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo Photo: World Bank / Grant Ellis


Project Summary:

MediCapt is a mobile application created by Physicians for Human Rights that clinicians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Kenya use to collect, document, and preserve forensic medical evidence to support prosecutions of sexual violence crimes.

The Development Marketplace award will allow the research team to conduct a preliminary study of MediCapt and help close a gap in evidence about the use of mobile health technology for collecting quality evidence and its role in a survivor-centered approach to forensic medical examination of sexual violence.

Project Team: 

Hannah Chotiner-Gardner, Karen Naimer, Katy Johnson, Thomas McHale, Ranit Mishori, Suzanne Kidenda, Joyeux Mushekuru, Georges Kuzma