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Green Recovery Dialogue: Greening Economies to Enable Transformative Change

This high-level discussion explored how a whole-of-economy approach could support a green recovery from COVID-19, create an enabling environment for ambitious climate action, and deliver on the outcomes of the Glasgow Climate Pact from COP26. We were joined by senior representatives from Germany, Egypt and the IMF, who spoke about the opportunities and challenges for implementing this approach to embed climate priorities in macroeconomic and fiscal frameworks.


Green Recovery Dialogue: Fiscal Innovations to Deliver on a Climate-Smart ...

At this COP26 event, we examined how innovative macro-fiscal and governance-related interventions can enable a green recovery and facilitate a ‘whole-of-economy’ approach to long-term climate action. This event centered on the financing instruments, macro-economic modeling, and technical tools that the World Bank Group and partners are using to help countries embed climate in pandemic recovery efforts and lay a foundation for low-carbon, climate-resilient development.

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About the Program

The CSF is a multi-donor trust fund administered by the World Bank that supports developing countries to achieve a green economic recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, implement their NDCs, and develop long-term climate strategies.

What is a Green Recovery?

A green recovery is an inclusive response to the COVID-19 crisis that mainstreams climate considerations into short-term economic recovery, and promotes climate neutral and resilient economic transformation aligned with the Paris Agreement.



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