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Business Enabling Environment (BEE)

Alternative Existing Indicators

The World Bank Group is working on a new approach to assessing the business and investment climates of economies worldwide. This compendium of indicators serves as an alternative to Doing Business until the launch of the new Business Enabling Environment (BEE) project. Once BEE data become available, they can accompany these alternative existing data sources to provide a diverse set of perspectives on the business regulatory environment around the world.

These alternative indicators correspond to three stages impacted by an economy’s business environment: opening a business, operating a business, and closing a business. Some of the alternative projects cover all three stages (WBG Enterprise Surveys).

Opening a business

These indicators capture incorporation, registration, and initial infrastructure and services. They include indicators such as new business density (WBG Entrepreneurship Database) and the number of days to obtain construction-related permits (WBG Enterprise Surveys).

Operating a business

These indicators measure various aspects of the business environment that firms encounter in their day-to-day operations. They include indicators like the quality of electricity supply (World Economic Forum), tax policy risk (Economist Intelligence Unit), and Logistics Performance Index on trade logistics (WBG Logistics Performance Index).

Closing a business

These indicators capture liquidation options and opportunities for firm rehabilitation. They include those on the insolvency assessment on reorganization procedures (EBRD) and national loan enforcement frameworks (European Banking Authority).

Disclaimer: This compendium is for information purposes only. It includes indicators generated by the World Bank Group and external sources, and does not imply endorsement of external indicators.

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