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VideoDecember 19, 2023

#YouthVoices on Inequality in Thailand: Mahasarakham University

Students from Mahasarakham University highlight the disparities in the Thai education system and what needs to be done to tackle this issue. Inequality in Thailand begins very early in life, with unequal opportunities in human development, and perpetuates over the life cycle and across generations. These inequalities persist through childhood and youth, when parents’ income, parents' education, and geographic location affect children’s school attendance and completion rates, the quality of education they receive, and learning outcomes.


Natnaree Somboon
Cholthicha Thanaphumchai
Thiphanan khunnatham
Sarawut Towadee
Somsahwat Pipkrathok

Prof. Thom Gatewongsa
Asst. Prof. Dr. Manirath Wongsim
Dr. Sarinthree Udchachone
Dr. Natarpha Satchawatee
Prof. Sirilak Kaiwinit
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rattanachot Thianmongkol
Dr. Pimporn Phukrongpet