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VideoDecember 8, 2023

CCDRs in East Asia and Pacific: Highlights from Five Countries

Climate change poses major challenges to human development, environmental health, and economic growth in East Asia and Pacific. The region is home to some of the most vulnerable countries in the world to extreme weather events. East Asia and Pacific is also critical to global efforts to combat climate change. As the region develops, energy demand continues to grow, and so will greenhouse gas emissions, unless the transition to greener energy can keep pace.

To help the countries of East Asia and Pacific prioritize the most impactful climate actions while also delivering on development goals, the World Bank has issued five Country Climate and Development Reports – CCDRs -- in the region: Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam. They identify pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and climate vulnerabilities and offer concrete, priority actions to support transition to a low-carbon, resilient economy while protecting natural resources and biodiversity.