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VideoOctober 31, 2023

Access to Clean Water in Argentina's North

"You always need everything, but what is missing most is water"

Argentina is a country with large water resources, reaching 80% of piped water coverage across the country.

However, it faces extreme marginalization and poverty in the northern provinces, with deficient levels of service, pollution and scarce availability of water sources, large investment gaps and limited financing.

One of the most affected areas is the province of Chaco, where infrastructure works focused on ensuring the constant supply of safe water in one of the poorest areas.

The Wichi System has benefitted 25,000 people, in some of the most vulnerable and isolated communities in Argentina. The works have included 603 new connections, 6,700 upgrades to existing connections, 1,000 rainwater harvesting systems, and 37 community water taps.