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VideoOctober 11, 2023

Module 3 Video: Improving Program Impacts in the Context of the Forcibly Displaced

The third module of the Learning from the Evidence on Forced Displacement training program focuses on improving forced displacement program impacts. Led by the Development Impact department of the World Bank (DIME), this training provides an overview of rigorous experimental and non-experimental techniques and highlight case studies from Colombia, Niger, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. 


Marcus Holmlund - Research Manager, DIME, World Bank

Nausheen Khan - Research Analyst, DIME, World Bank

Arlen Yahir Guarin Galeano - Economist, DIME, World Bank

Paola Elice - Impact Evaluation Specialist, Fragility, Conflict and Violence Group, World Bank

Chloë Fernandez - Research Officer, DIME, World Bank

Last Updated: Feb 09, 2024