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VideoSeptember 18, 2023

Mitigating Egypt's Food Crisis with Improved Grain Storage

Building resilience requires action across the food production chain, and Egypt’s government has taken a multi-pronged approach.  One of the foundational elements of the strategy is to improve and expand the capacity of grain storage.  This helps reduce waste and loss across the food production system – and helps ensure wheat remains steadily available in the country, even in the face of external shocks.  

The World Bank’s Emergency Food Security and Resilience Support Project is part of these efforts to expand and renovate Egypt’s food silos. The Assiut food silo in the Upper Egypt Governorate is one of the first to be expanded under the project, which involves rehabilitating and expanding seven siloes and building two new ones. At the Assiut silo, storage will be expanded from the current level of 60,000 tons of grain to 100,000 tons annually.