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VideoSeptember 18, 2023

Jordan: Adopting Hydroponics and Aeroponics for Better Agriculture

The World Bank is supporting Jordan as it takes a multi-faceted approach to boosting food system resilience.  This includes new investments in climate-smart agriculture production that are creating jobs; building capacity of a new generation of farmers and agricultural specialists to spearhead water efficient and climate resistant farming techniques; and the continual adoption of good practices and innovations.  All of this is aligned with Jordan’s new National Food Security Strategy.

One example of this work in action is the World Bank supported Agriculture, Resilience, Value Chain Development and Innovation project, known as “My Land”, which was launched in early 2023 and will provide about 30,000 farming households with financing to adopt climate smart agricultural practices.  My Land builds on the ongoing pilot project Exploring High Value, Socially- Inclusive, And Water Efficient Agriculture, which promotes an innovative social enterprise model for commercial fruit and vegetable production in marginalized areas using highly water efficient hydroponic technology.