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VideoJune 29, 2023

Uruguay showcases digital innovations in livestock, healthcare, and education to Kyrgyzstan

The Ministers of Health, Education and Science, and Agriculture from Kyrgyzstan visited Uruguay to learn how the country applies digital innovations in the livestock, education, and healthcare sectors. They visited Ceibal, where its authorities presented the technologies they use to improve education and the programs available to students and teachers. Additionally, they went to a farm to understand how the livestock traceability system works, and they visited a cold storage facility to learn about the entire process of exporting Uruguayan meat from farm to table. In a one-on-one meeting with Uruguay's Minister of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries, Fernando Mattos, and the authorities of INIA, they had the opportunity to hear about how Uruguay innovates in cattle and sheep production, as well as in their climate information systems.

With support from the World Bank, Uruguay continues to stand out as a reference for global public goods.