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VideoMay 31, 2023

Governance in Action, on this episode: Bureaucracy Lab and Impact Evaluations for Civil Service Reform

Governance in Action:  A conversation about a World Bank Partnership, Solid Analysis and Research for Worldwide Civil Service Reform 

In this episode of Governance in Action, Arturo Herrera, Global Director at the World Bank, discusses with Zahid Hasnain and Daniel Rogger of the Bureaucracy Lab their partnership between the Governance Global Practice (GGP) and the Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) unit of the World Bank Research Group to promote the use of evidence and technology in civil service reform.

Selected highlights from the conversation:

•                    The Bureaucracy Lab was developed to address the need for more data to support policy advisory, analytical work, and operational engagements in public administration reforms.

•                    The Worldwide Bureaucracy Indicators database on public sector employment and wages is a result of this initiative.

•                    Bureaucracy Lab has developed expertise in public sector employment, compensation, and wage bill diagnostics using micro data.