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VideoNovember 28, 2022

Making India’s Roads Safer

With only 1 percent of the world’s vehicles, India accounts for almost 10 percent of all crash related deaths. The poor households bear a higher proportion of the socio-economic burden of road crashes due to loss of income (over 70 percent of crash victims in poor households), high medical expenses and limited access to social safety nets. According to a World Bank study, road crashes are estimated to cost the Indian economy between 5 to 7 percent of GDP a year. Official government data show that each year road accidents in India kill about 150,000 people and injures another 450,000. More than half of the victims are pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcyclists and almost 84 percent of all fatalities are among road users between the working ages of 18-60 years. The World Bank’s $250 million India Road Safety Project will support the Government of India’s efforts to reduce incidents of road crashes by creating efficient institutional mechanisms for safer roads, vehicles, and enforcement in the country and strengthening efforts to provide better on-the-spot care to victims of road crashes. This will help in reducing the impact road crashes have, especially on the poor, and the economy and human capital.