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Video October 4, 2022

'I had to ask my mother to help me feed my children' | Poverty & Shared Prosperity 2022

Sonia Cifuentes was holding it together, raising kids in central Bogotá and working as a transcriptionist. Then the pandemic struck.

"I never imagined that we were going to be left without a job," said Cifuentes about herself and her colleagues. "I had to ask my mother to help me feed my children because I had no money to buy food."

The newly released 2022 Poverty and Shared Prosperity (PSPR) report from the World Bank reveals that COVID-19 dealt the biggest setback to global poverty-reduction efforts since 1990. The war in Ukraine threatens to make the situation worse.

Like many around the world, Cifuentes found support in cash transfer programs, which the PSPR found were key in helping families during the pandemic.



00:00 Getting to know Sonia's neighborhood in Bogotá

00:43 The impact of COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine

01:17 Inequality, inflation, and food insecurity

01:42 Government support: Cash transfer programs

02:15 Fiscal reforms to stimulate growth for all


Video produced by Luis Angel, Inaê Riveras, and Paul Blake.