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VideoOctober 6, 2021

Africa's Pulse: Climate Change Adaptation and Economic Transformation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Economic recovery in Africa remains fragile as countries continue to navigate the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, now exacerbated by emerging variants and vaccine inequity and hesitation that further burden vulnerable systems and undermine performance. At the same time, Africa remains disproportionately impacted by the devastating effects of climate change. Despite these challenges, African countries have seized the opportunity to foster structural and macroeconomic reforms. Still, the region needs significant additional financing to counter the effects of the pandemic, address the climate crisis, and sustain a robust and inclusive recovery. Join World Bank Africa Chief Economist Albert Zeufack for the launch of the October 2021 edition of Africa’s Pulse, the region’s biannual macroeconomic analysis. In a conversation with youth advocates, Zeufack will discuss climate change as a source of economic transformation in the region, the role that young Africans have played in addressing climate change, and what African countries need most in terms of long-term support.