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PodcastJune 24, 2020

The Development Podcast: The Coronavirus Lockdown’s Impact on Companies and Jobs

Call it the “great lockdown”, the “coronavirus recession” or another moniker – whatever your label, the facts are clear: this unprecedented pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on the private sector. While the full scale of the damage to companies and jobs is still being assessed, the International Finance Corporation’s Stephanie Von Friedeburg says: “developed country or a developing country, locking down an economy creates insolvency”. “What we're going to see is a rise in unemployment and a loss of jobs. Liquidity issues at the firm level. And the longer the lockdown lasts, the more probability of insolvency”. We hear from Stephanie about her plans to support the private sector during the COVID-19 response and recovery. Plus, Raka Banerjee runs us through the latest forecasts for the global economy from our colleagues behind the Global Economic Prospects. All that and more from the World Bank Group in Washington, DC and around the world! And as always, we welcome your feedback, questions, and ideas. Email us using