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PodcastMay 29, 2020

Development Podcast: ‘We’re Moving to the Next Stage’ – David Malpass on the Road to Recovery from COVID-19

As healthcare workers continue to tirelessly fight the coronavirus, countries around the globe are starting to look towards recovery from the pandemic.In a special interview David Malpass, the World Bank Group’s President, shares his thoughts on the crisis response so far and lays out his vision for the road ahead – how to promote economic growth, support the poorest, and sustain businesses and jobs.The Group’s president shared his views on the unique risks and opportunities for developing countries as they look to mount a sustainable recovery.“It's a double impact. They're vulnerable to the pandemic - to COVID-19 itself and people are dying in the countries,” Malpass said. “But then this added problem is they just don't have the resources and the capacity in order to protect their economies.”