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VideoApril 14, 2020

Understanding the Epidemiology of COVID-19

According to estimates published by Imperial College London, in the absence of any intervention COVID-19 would have resulted in 7 billion infections and 40 million deaths globally this year. In this e-seminar on April 14, 2020, staff from the World Bank and Imperial College London discussed the basic underpinnings of the epidemiology of COVID-19, current epidemiological models of COVID-19 transmission, and the effectiveness of various non-pharmaceutical interventions in reducing transmission—with a focus on lessons for low- and middle-income countries. Timestamps: 2:13 - Jed Friedman (World Bank) and Damien de Walque (World Bank); 21:54 - Patrick Walker (Imperial College London); 127:10 - David Wilson (World Bank); 137:04 - Marelize Gorgens (World Bank)