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Podcast February 11, 2020

Already Confronting Undernutrition, Many Developing Countries Face a New Threat: Obesity

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For decades, developing countries have faced the threats of undernutrition, stunting and starvation. While those problems haven’t gone away, incredible progress has been made. Now, a new threat looms: Obesity and excess weight.  

In the latest episode of The Development Podcast, we hear from researchers at the forefront of new analysis into this “double-burden” of undernutrition and obesity. 

First up, we get the view from Mexico City, where pediatrician Dr. Salvador Villalpando talks through the economic and cultural factors that are driving alarming obesity trends among his patients – especially young children.  

From there, we get the global picture with the World Bank’s Nutrition Lead, Dr. Meera Shekar, and the University of North Carolina’s Distinguished Professor of Nutrition, Dr. Barry Popkin.  They globe-spanning research paints an alarming picture – but we’ll go beyond the headline figures and look at some of the solutions that are being tried around the world.  What’s working? What’s not?

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