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Video October 16, 2018

Working within the community for access to justice (Reginald's Story)

Reginald Tarea is a Village Peace Warden in Nora Nora Village, who always tries to present himself as the first line of contact for the community when issues arise in his community in Makira, in the east of Solomon Islands. “I grew up in this community and at that time people would refer all cases to the police. But since I was appointed, people refer small cases to me,” Reginald said. In tight-knit communities like Nora Nora, solving issues internally are a positive step. “I’m happy because we settled this issue together and I’m happy with the Warden for this,” said Sarah Hoike, who recently had a dispute resolved by Reginald. Reginald’s work is part of the Community Governance and Grievance Management Program, which is helping to ease the burden on stretched police personnel in the Solomon Islands, and building powerful community-level partnerships in the process.