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VideoApril 23, 2018

Expert Interview: Safe, Inclusive and Resilient Cities TDD

The World Bank Tokyo Development Learning Center - TDLC organized a Technical Deep Dive on Safe, Inclusive and Resilient Cities in April 2018. Participants gained the firsthand experience in Kabukicho in Tokyo and Airin district, Osaka, Japan. In this video interview, Mr. Seiji Terakawa, Associate Professor of Kindai University and one of the facilitators for the Airin district regeneration project, discusses why the Airin district has a uniqueness in its background history, how the district was formed, identifies the challenges the city faced until recently, and tell us what triggered local government to improve the area and how citizens started participating proactively in the process. Professor Terakawa closes the interview by explaining how priorities were identified when a district such as Airin has multiple challenges.