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Video October 17, 2017

#AfricaCAN Transform: Where Progress meets Opportunity

Together #AfricaCAN #EndPoverty and promote prosperity for all. Africa can transform by investing in people, supporting growth and the private sector, and building resilience to shocks. Despite challenges, Africa is on the move. In 2015, seven of the world’s top 20 fastest-growing economies were in Africa. Africans are building modern infrastructure that is reducing the cost of transportation and bringing down barriers to trade. Putting mobile phones in the hands of 2 out of 3 Africans, connecting the continent and providing millions with access to services like mobile banking. Africans are recognizing the importance of modern skills that are relevant to propel them into a prosperous future. Africans are innovatively using drone technology to deliver essential life saving health services to rural areas; and producing digital maps that are surveying flood prone areas to prevent the loss of life and property during heavy rains. This is proof that Africa can transform. With IDA, the World Bank Group looks beyond the horizon to support Africa’s development momentum to leapfrog into the future.