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Video November 18, 2016

Why a Global Delivery Initiative?

Providing clean water. Making household energy affordable. Reducing maternal mortality. Ensuring that children learn. Development organizations and governments deploy substantial resources and sophisticated technical solutions to address critical development challenges. Yet interventions don’t always have the intended impacts on people’s lives. What gets in the way? Interventions often encounter difficulties during implementation - capacity shortfalls, misaligned incentives or lack of coordination among stakeholders, to name but a few. Technical solutions alone are not enough to navigate these complexities. Whether supporting a health reform or building public infrastructure, the international development community must be able to achieve transformational impacts in a more consistent and timely manner. Getting to this next level of impact requires better integration of the right technical “what” with the right delivery “how.” To that end, a partnership of international development institutions, practitioners, implementing agencies, nongovernmental organizations, academic institutions, and the private sector has created the Global Delivery Initiative. The Global Delivery Initiative was launched at the 2015 Spring Meetings of the World Bank.