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VideoJune 16, 2016

Building Evidence: Innovative Solutions to Gender-Based Violence

The World Bank Group and Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) recently awarded nine teams from around the world US$1.2 million to support innovations aimed at preventing gender-based violence (GBV). According to the World Health Organization, GBV is a global epidemic affecting more than one in three women worldwide—at a huge cost to individuals, families, and economies that spans generations. From Peru to Kenya and Uganda, these cutting-edge projects address harmful notions of what it means to be a man, a partner, or a father. These include social norms that sanction sometimes deadly violence as an expression of power and masculinity.As much of the world commemorates Father’s Day 2016, we invite you to watch and share this short video of our first annual Development Marketplace Awards for Innovation to Prevent Gender-Based Violence, which we hope contributes to the evidence base on how to sustainably end violence experienced by women and girls across the globe.