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VideoApril 16, 2015

Implementing Uganda's new land policy: Measuring progress over time

Women have a special role to play in unlocking the potential of land and natural resources to promote the health and lasting development of their communities. Gender inequalities and the exclusion of women and girls limit advances in development outcomes for all – women, men, boys, girls and their communities and societies around the world. Yet improved agency and empowerment of women are linked to better development outcomes and sustained and equitable growth for their communities. This panel will focus on the transformative potential of putting women first in efforts to increase security of tenure and to support lasting, socially inclusive, and equitable development in Uganda. Panelists will provide an analysis of women’s special role in supporting the cultural, social, and economic development of their communities; they will share specific mechanisms and innovative strategies that show how women’s empowerment can bring about improved security of tenure in the customary context; and will discuss the policy and legal opportunities for women to be at the center of development in Uganda.