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VideoApril 9, 2015

Scaling up strategies to secure indigenous and community land rights

The lack of clarity and recognition of indigenous and community land and resource rights around the world has become a global crisis, undermining progress on social and economic development, human rights, peace, food security, environmental conservation, and our ability to confront and adapt to climate change. Ownership of roughly one-half of the rural forest and dryland areas of the developing world is contested, directly affecting the lives and livelihoods of at least 2 billion women and men. The roundtable discussion aims to identify how to overcome challenges and scaling-up strategies on securing Indigenous Peoples and Community Land Rights for dignity and prosperity. It will bring together experiences from local communities around the world and will serve as an opportunity to build and expand collaborations, commitments and investments for strengthening communal land rights from local to global scales. It will spotlight communal land rights reform issues, challenges and opportunities. Catalyzing greater progress in the realization of secure community land rights is a major strategic challenge and opportunity in the pursuit of the target of doubling global community land globally. The roundtable aims to facilitate discussion around opportunities and strategies including best practices and models for securing community land & natural resources.