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VideoJanuary 19, 2017

Cross-border Learning Empowers Poor Women in South Asia

A cross-border learning initiative between India – Bhutan helps village women find opportunities to generate income beyond farming. The initiative is sponsored by the World Bank-supported BEES Network (Business, Enterprise and Employment Support for Women in South Asia), which facilitates knowledge exchanges amongst NGOs in South Asia that focus on women’s economic empowerment. This video shows how poor women in central and south-eastern Bhutan benefited from a rural livelihoods training program facilitated by the Tarayana Foundation of Bhutan and SEWA in India. Women from 200 villages across Bhutan traveled to SEWA in Gujarat, western India. There they learnt how to process farm produce into packaged food items, use natural fibers to weave and produce handicrafts, and draw from other locally available resources to design an income generating activity. The video captures the reflections of these women and the life changes these trainings triggered.