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15% of Belarussians lack access to piped water and sanitation systems.

227 wastewater treatment facilities require repair.

By 2013, 1.7 million people in 20 districts across Belarus will have clean water and sanitation.

Water intakes, supply networks, pumping and iron removal stations are being constructed as part of the project.

The World Bank brings water sector financing, knowledge and experience.

Deteriorated sewage systems and wastewater treatment facilities will be replaced in 12 towns.

Two new artesian wells supply clean water to 7,000 Sharkovschina residents.

Clean piped water reaches 3,500 residents in Borovukha-3.

Proper treatment of wastewater also means cleaner rivers and lakes.

Clean drinking water for its citizens is a priority for the Belarus government.


Photos: Getting Clean Water in Belarus

February 4, 2013

Safe and clean drinking water is The World Bank's priority. Today thousands Belarusians start their day with clean water, thanks to Water Supply and Sanitation Project.