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VideoJanuary 11, 2013

Slideshow: Empowering Rural Households to Farm Sustainably

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Empowering Rural Households to Farm Sustainably

A Community Production Group harvests onions grown from seeds received through the project.

Harvesting wheat for a Community Production Group in Khatlon.

Poultry is given to some groups for egg production. Incubators insure consistency and increase flocks.

At harvest, each group returns as many seeds as they had received to a seed bank. They donate an additional 25% so new groups can start up.

Returned seeds are processed then packed into special bags for safe storage.

It’s easier to weed and maintain larger plots working as a group.

Davlatpocho Atoeva and her group make 4000 jars of canned tomatoes and pickles a year and earn money selling them.

Training on more efficient wheat planting and harvesting helps farmers better manage their land and crops.

In one year, Muslima Faslikhova and her group bred over 100 rabbits from the three they received from the project.

Qurbongul Zubaydova shares the secrets of chick breeding in incubators.

Slideshow of photos about results of the Emergency Food Security and Seed Imports Project in Tajikistan.