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StatementJune 26, 2024

World Bank Group Statement Regarding IPC Report on Food Security Situation in Gaza

WASHINGTON, June 26, 2024—The World Bank Group today issued the following statement on Gaza:

“The World Bank Group remains deeply concerned by the humanitarian catastrophe that continues to unfold in Gaza.

The findings of the new report by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) initiative, of which the World Bank is a partner, shows that 96 percent of the entire population of Gaza – around 2.15 million people – face high levels of acute food insecurity.  The latest findings show that around 495,000 people are facing catastrophic levels of food insecurity and the risk of famine persists across all of Gaza.  Food insecurity in the southern governorates has worsened since the last IPC update.

The gravity of the situation is another reminder of the urgent need to make sure food and other supplies reach all the people of Gaza.

The World Bank Group’s emergency response package, which includes support for urgent relief delivered through the World Food Programme, has so far helped to deliver food parcels to over 500,000 people in Gaza.”



In Washington: David Theis, +1-202-203-0601,


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