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StatementSeptember 15, 2023

Dasu-Mansehra-Islamabad Transmission Line Project

ISLAMABAD, September 15, 2023- In response to the recent media coverage regarding the contract under the Dasu-Mansehra-Islamabad transmission line project, the World Bank would like to clarify that the contracts for the 765 KV transmission lines have been procured, following the World Bank Procurement Regulations, as stipulated in the Legal Agreement signed between the World Bank and the Government of Pakistan. These contracts were awarded to the bidders that offered the lowest price.

The World Bank shared the no-objections based on the information shared by the National Transmission and Despatch Company to allow them to proceed with the recommended pre-qualifications and awards.

All formal complaints were handled during the bidding process. Before the contract was awarded, there was a period for resolving procurement-related complaints, which gave other bidders the opportunity to voice any concerns. 

Based on the information provided, matters raised by inquiries cited in the media provided no new additional information. The World Bank strongly objects to the allegations recently cited in the media and considers them baseless.


Mariam Sara Altaf
In Islamabad
Elena Karaban
In Washington


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