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StatementDecember 20, 2022

Readout from World Bank Group President David Malpass’s Meeting with President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador

WASHINGTON, December 20  — Today, World Bank Group (WBG) President David Malpass met President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador.

President Malpass and President Lasso discussed the headwinds facing the global economy, and Ecuador’s reform agenda to secure fiscal sustainability and foster growth. President Malpass praised Ecuador’s achievements in strengthening fiscal and debt sustainability while keeping prices under control in the face of a challenging external scenario. President Malpass reiterated the WBG´s commitment to supporting Ecuador’s reforms with an emphasis on job creation, macroeconomic stability, and increased investment through technical assistance. They discussed an upcoming Development Policy Financing planned for US$500 million and possibilities for co-financing.

President Malpass commended Ecuador’s recent progress making commercial agreements with partners to attract investment. President Malpass and President Lasso also discussed Ecuador’s transformation to a sustainable green and blue economy, urban resilience, and the recovery of education loss that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Finally, President Malpass highlighted WBG’s continued support to Ecuador’s efforts to fight malnutrition through US$200 of Additional Financing of the Social Safety Net Project.


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