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Statement November 24, 2021

World Bank Statement on the Announcement by Government of Tanzania on Equal Access to Education for Pregnant Girls and Young Mothers

WASHINGTON, November 24, 2021—The World Bank today issued the following statement regarding the announcement by the Government of Tanzania on expanding and ensuring girls’ access to formal education, particularly pregnant students and young mothers in government schools:

The World Bank welcomes the Government of Tanzania’s announcement to remove barriers to access to education, including those that have prevented pregnant girls or young mothers from attending formal school. This important decision underscores the country’s commitment to support girls and young women and improve their chances at receiving a better education.

More than 120,000 girls drop out of school every year in Tanzania. 6,500 of them because they are pregnant or have children. The World Bank strongly supports policies that encourage girls’ education and that make it possible for all students to stay in school. The Bank looks forward to the issuance of guidelines that will enable pregnant girls and young mothers to continue their education and will support their implementation through our partnership with the Government of Tanzania in the education sector. Making education better, safer, and more accessible is critical to advance Tanzania’s social and economic development


Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Loy Nabeta