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Statement October 6, 2021

World Bank Group Statement on Sexual Harassment

WASHINGTON, October 6, 2021—The World Bank Group today issued the following statement on sexual harassment:

“The World Bank Group is strongly committed to fostering a safe working environment that is free from harassment and abuse and where staff feel empowered to report allegations of wrongdoing.  Like many organizations, we know we can always do better, and are continuously working to identify and take the necessary steps to prevent wrongdoing and support survivors of sexual harassment. The World Bank Group Action Plan for Preventing and Addressing Sexual Harassment is an important step in that direction. Survivors of sexual harassment demonstrate great courage by coming forward, particularly when reporting the misconduct of someone situated in a position of power over their careers. The World Bank has redoubled its commitment to provide a safe and ethical work environment for all our staff – an environment free from harassment, retaliation, discrimination, and other forms of misconduct. Anyone experiencing and reporting unwelcome behavior should know that the matter will be handled with the utmost sensitivity. If a staff member or consultant reports an allegation of sexual harassment to a manager, the manager is required to promptly report the matter to our Office of Ethics and Business Conduct, which is responsible for ensuring that all sexual harassment cases are investigated with the highest priority for supporting survivors and giving them voice in our processes.”


In Washington
Nicole Frost