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Statement July 29, 2021

Lebanon: Effectiveness of Emergency Social Safety Nets Project

Beirut, July 29, 2021 – The World Bank yesterday notified the Government of Lebanon of the declaration of effectiveness of the Emergency Social Safety Net loan as of July 28, 2021, following the fulfillment of the effectiveness conditions stipulated in the Loan agreement.  

Going forward, the World Bank looks forward to the prompt and effective fulfillment of the disbursement conditions under the Loan in order to allow the project to move into implementation and start disbursing as soon as possible. These conditions consist of: i) Establishment of the Grievance Redress Mechanism within the Ministry of Social Affairs, ii) Signing of the Output Agreement with World Food Program for the implementation of cash transfers; iii) Appointment of a Third-Party Monitoring Agent to carry out independent external validation and verification of project implementation; and iv) Verification of beneficiaries eligible to receive cash transfers in accordance with criteria and procedures agreed to with the World Bank.

The World Bank remains committed to ensuring the prompt and speedy implementation of this vital project to support extreme poor Lebanese households in full transparency and under independent oversight measures.