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Statement February 26, 2021

World Bank declaration on the Sahel irrigation project in the village of Ferallah

NOUAKCHOTT, February 26, 2021 - Following recent media reports on the demonstrations in the Koylal plain in southern Mauritania, the World Bank expresses concerns about the land issues raised by the protestors and the implications of the rehabilitation of 25ha to benefit the Ibn Khaldoum cooperative in the village of Ferallah under the Sahel Irrigation Initiative project. A World Bank mission will be deployed in the coming days to gather the necessary information from all concerned parties in the community. The World Bank will take this information into account in its dialogue with the Mauritanian government. 

The World Bank reaffirms that protecting the rights of the communities and the environment are central to all activities related to its investment projects.


Dakar, Senegal
Mademba Ndiaye