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Speeches & Transcripts November 25, 2020

Remarks by Senior Economist Lazar Sestovic at 2020 Belgrade Economic Forum

Excerpts from remarks by Lazar Šestović, Senior Economist for Serbia, at the 2020 Belgrade Economic Forum on November 24, 2020

While waiting for optimal Covid-19 immunity to be built, economic recovery will proceed at a modest pace, making our forecasts for 2021 still conservative. Still, Serbia’s growth prospects are continuing to improve, but growth will lag the global average because its decline this year was smaller than elsewhere...  

... All eyes are set on the point in time when the immunity of an optimal 70%-80% of population will be achieved and the latest assessment is that it could happen around mid-next year, which means that the first half of the year can again be problematic from the economic growth point of view … We now expect for Serbia a recovery of some 3.0 -3.5% in 2021.


Remarks and full event video available in Serbian at: