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PRESS RELEASEJune 10, 2024

Clean Energy Transition in the Kyrgyz Republic Attracts International Donors and Investors at Energy Forum

VIENNA, June 10, 2024—The Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, with the support of the World Bank Group, and co-hosted by the Government of Austria, convened high-level delegations from Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and international financial institutions and private investors to discuss the future of energy in Central Asia at the Kyrgyz Republic International Energy Investment Forum in Vienna.

The Forum brought together over 200 delegates and showcased the Kyrgyz Republic's progress in energy sector reforms, explored investment opportunities, and emphasized the region's potential to expedite a clean energy transition. The Government presented 12 investments amounting to $16 billion, focusing on hydropower and solar initiatives that will expand and diversify the country’s power generation and maximize the impact of public and private investments.

This Forum is of historic significance not only for the Kyrgyz Republic but for the entire Central Asia region – especially given its focus on the development of the Kambarata-1 hydropower plant, which is poised to become game-changer for the region,” said Akylbek Zhaparov, Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic. The Forum represents an important step towards sustainable development and a bright start on the path to a green and prosperous world.”

“Reliable energy access is central to the growth and development of not only the Kyrgyz Republic but the entire Central Asia region. We are proud to help unite this region and our key partners around a common goal: ensuring that every Central Asian household can switch on the lights—powered by the sun, wind, or water—while safeguarding our planet for future generations,” said Antonella Bassani, World Bank’s Vice President for Europe and Central Asia.

A key focus of the Forum was the Kambarata-1 hydropower project, a strategic initiative poised to transform Central Asia’s energy and water sectors. Supported by unprecedented cooperation among the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the project will elevate regional cooperation ensuring energy security and green transition, while also improving the water supply across seasonal and cyclical variations. This, in turn, will bolster irrigation, water supply, and food security across the region.

The Forum inaugurated the Kambarata-1 HPP Donor Coordination Committee, comprising major international financial institutions and development partners. Participants agreed that the Donor Coordination Committee will establish an effective multilateral platform aimed at providing a holistic and comprehensive support on the development of the Kambarata-1 HPP project within a sustainable macro-economic, commercial, environmental, and social framework.

Additionally, representatives from the Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan announced the signing of an inter-ministerial agreement on the joint development of the Kambarata-1 HPP, marking a significant step towards greater regional cooperation.

The event was supported by the Central Asia Water and Energy Program (CAWEP), a regional knowledge and technical assistance partnership administered by the World Bank and funded by the European Union, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom, and the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP).



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