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PRESS RELEASEOctober 6, 2023

Publication of the Proceedings from the 8th Joint Bank for International Settlements, World Bank, Bank of Canada, Banca d'Italia Public Investors Conference

Washington, DC October 6, 2023 – The World Bank announced the release of the publication Evolving Practices in Public Investment Management: Proceedings of the Eighth Public Investors Conference. The conference was held on October 27-28, 2022 at the Headquarters of the Bank of Canada in Ottawa, Canada. The publication contains peer-reviewed papers by prominent academics and professionals in the field of Portfolio and Risk Management for central banks, sovereign wealth funds and public pension plans.

For 15 years, the World Bank, through the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership, RAMP, has been a trusted partner of the Public Investors Conference. This publication represents the culmination of effort and support to public asset management globally, furthering the mission of RAMP and its development mandate.

Since 2008, the BIS and the World Bank have organized – jointly with cosponsoring central banks – the Public Investors Conference to discuss policy issues, quantitative methods, and current challenges for central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and public pension funds. This publication covers many of the advances in the practice of public investment management presented at the eighth edition of the Conference. The volume is the second of a biennial series that is edited by staff members of the cosponsoring institutions and is published by the BIS.

The publication can be accessed through the conference website:

Enquiries about the publication or the conference may be directed to:


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