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PRESS RELEASEMarch 22, 2023

World Bank Backs Reforms to Improve Health Care Systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2023 — The World Bank Board has approved a EUR92.30 million (US$100 million equivalent) Health Sectors Programmatic Development Policy Loan for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The program will provide budget support to underpin policy efforts by BiH authorities to improve the financial sustainability of the health care systems and quality of health services its citizens receive.

This program aims to improve the financial sustainability of health institutions, by helping clear arrears in the health sector and introduce measures that would prevent the generation of new arrears. It also aims to introduce incentives for improved service delivery and stronger primary health care, as well as reforms to improve environmental management and strengthen tobacco control.

“Due to the highly fragmented institutional structure, health care reform is particularly challenging in BiH. Therefore, through a comprehensive package of investments, technical assistance and analytics, the World Bank will support systemic reforms and assist the authorities to achieve quality healthcare for the citizens of BiH,” said Christopher Sheldon, World Bank Country Manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. “In that way, we will be giving this reform the best chance of success.”

The design of this program was informed and supported by a complementary World Bank program, the Health Systems Improvement Project, and technical assistance, including a functional review of the sector’s performance and ongoing activities to strengthen the transparency and accountability of health systems in BiH.

The World Bank portfolio of active projects in BiH comprises 12 operations totaling around $720 million. Areas of support include health care, road modernization, employment and social protection, energy efficiency, local infrastructure, environment.



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