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PRESS RELEASENovember 1, 2022

Toyin Jagha appointed as Program Manager for the Sint Maarten Reconstruction, Recovery and Resilience Trust Fund

WASHINGTON, October 31, 2022—Ms. Toyin Jagha has been appointed by the World Bank as Program Manager for the Sint Maarten Reconstruction, Recovery, and Resilience Trust Fund, taking up the on-the-ground role once the World Bank office is established there. Ms. Jagha’s appointment became effective October 1. 2022.

Ms. Jagha brings a wide range of development and leadership experience to her new position, having held various positions throughout her 16-year career at the World Bank. Most recently, Ms Jagha held the post of Senior Operations Officer within the Caribbean Country Management Unit and previously, with the South Asia Region in the Office of the Regional Director for Equitable Growth, Finance, and Institutions practice group.

“The Trust Fund has been instrumental in the immediate recovery and reconstruction needs of Sint Maarten, repairing critical infrastructure, supporting people with skills training, and entrepreneurs with access to much-needed capital,” said Toyin Jagha. “After four years of implementation, the World Bank remains committed to working closely with our host government and the people of Sint Maarten, the Trust Fund donors, and implementing partners to address the longer-term challenges of building resilience and sustainability across the board.”

Ms. Jagha, a Nigerian national, comes to the position with substantial and diversified experience. In addition to her regional and operational knowledge, Ms. Jagha’s management experience extends from overseeing the team that monitored and reported on the World Bank Group’s Corporate Scorecards, a snapshot report of the institution’s results and indicators to the Board of Executive Directors, to leading the reform of the World Bank’s core sector indicators, which today are used by teams across the institution.

As a bridge-builder, Ms. Jagha coordinated an internal community of practice for Results Measurements Experts, and as an Advisor, Ms. Jagha has been supporting Bank teams managing projects in the Africa, South Asia, East Asia and Pacific, and Caribbean regions. Ms. Jagha joined the World Bank mid-career after 12 years working in various national and international non-governmental organizations.

As the new Program Manager for the Sint Maarten Reconstruction, Recovery, and Resilience Trust Fund, Ms. Jagha is responsible for the strategic direction, policy dialogue, and partnership with Sint Maarten, as well as the successful implementation, delivery, and management of the US$512 million. 



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