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PRESS RELEASE October 28, 2021

Tajikistan Aims to Build Stronger Health System, with Support from the World Bank

DUSHANBE, October 28, 2021 – Today the Government of Tajikistan launched the development of an investment plan to boost the health care system, at an event, which was attended by the representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, civil society, development partners, and the World Bank. The initiative is supported by the Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF).

GFF, which Tajikistan joined in 2019, supports countries in their efforts to accelerate progress toward reaching universal health coverage and improving the health and the lives of women, children and adolescents. It aims to do so by improving donor coordination and resource mobilization in the health sector and by increasing the efficiency of domestic and international resources.

“By engaging in today’s exercise and prioritizing reforms and investments in health sector, we are creating a foundation for Tajikistan’s future economic growth and prosperity,” said Yusuf Majidi, Deputy Minister of Finance of Tajikistan and GFF Coordinator for Tajikistan. “I look forward to a productive exchange of ideas and experiences with our experts and international partners in order to accelerate health sector reforms, including implementation of sustainable health financing, and achieve the objectives of Tajikistan’s National Health Strategy.”

The prioritized investment plan will be developed based on the newly adopted Strategy on Healthcare of Population of the Republic of Tajikistan up to 2030. The plan is intended to bring to focus the implementation of the Strategy by identifying priority reforms, available and required financing, and strategies to close financing gaps. The plan will serve as a tool for the Government to align domestic and external resources in the health sector and ensure that the resource use is strategic.

“Through the national platform, supported by GFF, we hope to pave the way towards achieving universal health coverage and ensure quality health care for all, with focus on vulnerable population groups,” noted Zulfiya Abdusamadzoda, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection.

“I am pleased that through GFF, the World Bank is supporting Tajikistan’s efforts to transition to a more effective, affordable, and sustainable health system,” said Ozan Sevimli, World Bank Country Manager in his opening remarks. “By focusing on a set of priorities that are achievable and by aligning both domestic resources and donor funding, Tajikistan can help build a strong health system, which can save lives and withstand shocks, such as the one recently caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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