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PRESS RELEASE July 24, 2019

Mauritania Receives World Bank Support to Strengthen the Stability of the Economy

$50 million grant for Development Policy Financing (DPF)

WASHINGTON, July 24, 2019 - The World Bank Board of Directors approved today a $50 million grant to support the Government of Mauritania in improving the regulatory environment and strengthening capacity of its workforce to boost competition and inclusiveness of the private sector. 

This first Development Policy Financing (DPF) operation in a programmatic series of three operations is aligned with the national development plan (Stratégie de Croissance Accélérée et de Prospérité Partagée, SCAPP) 2016-2030, and supported by ongoing technical assistance (TA) activities as part of active projects implemented under the World Bank’s FY18-FY23 Country Partnership Framework (CPF). 

According to Laurent Msellati, World Bank Country Representative, “it is important to start a new series of DPF after the successful stabilization of the economy supported by the first series. This new series will address reforms in key sectors including competition, digital economy and education in the context of a post political transition”.

“More specifically, the DPF supports reforms in SMEs’ business environment by strengthening access of economic agents to an efficient and transparent commercial justice system and to reliable information on companies and collateralized assets”, indicated Wael Mansour, World Bank Task Team Leader. In addition, this DPF series support reforms that remove barriers to investment and competition in the internet broadband market and facilitate equitable access to ICT services. Finally, it supports reforms to improve teachers’ training and competence, recruitment systems, and effective deployment.

The operation has been prepared following an extensive consultation process involving government officials, development partners, and representatives from the private sector and civil society. It builds on the results of the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD 2017).



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