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PRESS RELEASE January 8, 2019

Perú/Cambio Climático: BM y MINAM apoyan manejo sustentable de bosques


Project seeks to recover 380,500 hectares of degraded forests in Peru

Lima, January 4, 2019.- More than 2,300 indigenous families and forest users from Peru will be the main beneficiaries of the “Integrated Forestry Management in Atalaya, Ucayali,” project, which will recover 380,500 hectares of forestlands, with US$12.2 million in financing approved by the World Bank Board of Directors.

“Adequate forestry management will provide economic income to the indigenous population and enable sustainable development. This will contribute to achieving the desired inclusion of all Peruvians and will mitigate climate change,” said Alberto Rodríguez, World Bank Director for Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

The project promotes economically-viable, market-integrated alternatives and adequate management of forest resources that generates human development for the population and sustainably increases their economic income. The planned objectives are aligned with current mechanisms for climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The first project component will work with national institutions to recognize rights to legal land use and community land planning. Specifically, the project will support the registration of indigenous and native communities in the National Public Registry Office (SUNARP), providing legal advice to achieve their recognition as a prerequisite for implementing the property registration process.  It will also help reduce illegal activities associated with the forests and will guarantee compliance of sustainable forestry management practices. The second project component will promote investments and forestry businesses and will grant small-scale subsidies at the community level to contribute to the diversification of food production and income-generation through agroforestry, ecotourism and other activities.

The project is funded with a grant of US$ 5.8 million and a loan of US$ 6.4 million from the Forest Investment Program of the World Bank’s Strategic Climate Fund. Twenty percent of the project will finance the population engaged in small-scale timber businesses while 80 percent will be earmarked for indigenous communities, where initiatives that integrate a larger share of women as leaders or beneficiaries will be prioritized through grants.  


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