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PRESS RELEASE November 3, 2017

Plague Response: $5 Million to Support Emergency State Spending

ANTANANARIVO, November 3, 2017 - The World Bank has committed $5 million in emergency funding to help Madagascar finance and implement the national response to the plague outbreak that hit the country in August 2017, and which has since claimed about one hundred victims. 

According to the latest statistics collected by the National Office for the Management of Risks and Crises (BNGRC) as of October 23, 2017, 40 of 114 health districts in Madagascar, distributed over 14 regions of the country, are affected by the plague. In addition, 1,192 suspected cases have been identified and 124 people have died; 67% of these deaths were from the pneumonic form of the plague. The health services have been able to cure 780 sick people since the beginning of the epidemic.

"Despite the crucial and exceptional support from the World Health Organization and our other technical and financial partners, a number of the plan’s activities must be financed by the state. We are happy that the World Bank has heard our plea. The Ministry will ensure that these funds are used effectively to quickly rein in this epidemic. They must be managed according to the principles of transparency and accountability," said Vonintsalama Sehenosoa Andriambololona, Minister of Finance and Budget.

These funds, managed by the Ministry of Finance and Budget, will be used to finance core response activities such as the remuneration of health care personnel mobilized in all affected districts, and disinfection and pest control campaigns in schools and neighborhoods most affected by the plague. They will also be used to stabilize vulnerable areas and pay for fuel for ambulances.

"The World Bank has joined the efforts undertaken by the country and all partners in the response to the plague. This financial support should enable the state to better handle emergency expenditure related to the response, without affecting other social and infrastructure spending critical to the country’s development," said Coralie Gevers, World Bank Country Manager for Madagascar.



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