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PRESS RELEASE September 12, 1984

World Bank Announces Public Offering of Japanese Yen 40 Billion 12-Year Bond Issue

A ¥40 billion (approximately US$163.2 million) public offering of bonds of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) was announced in Tokyo today. The 7.40% Twelve Year Bonds of 1984 Twenty-Eighth Series, are priced at 99.10%. They will have a final maturity of September 19, 1996 and will be redeemed at par in six equal installments of ¥3.2 billion in each of the years 1990 through 1995 and one final installment of ¥20.8 billion in 1996. The yield to subscribing investors will be 7.53%.

The offering is being made through a syndicate of securities firms headed by Yamaichi Securities Co. Ltd. in association with a group of commissioned companies headed by The Industrial Bank of Japan, Limited.

Mr. Koji Kashiwaya, Director of the Tokyo Office of the World Bank, who signed the agreements for the issue in Tokyo on September 12, on behalf of the Bank, expressed the Bank's appreciation for this further demonstration of support from the Japanese authorities and the investing public towards the development efforts of the World Bank.

Total funds raised by the World Bank denominated in Japanese Yen, including the present issue, amount to ¥2,721 billion (approximately US$11.10 billion at current exchange rates) of which ¥2,021 billion (approximately US$8.25 billion), remain outstanding, including the issue announced today.