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PRESS RELEASE February 14, 1972

World Bank Plans BF 1,000 million 12-Year Bond Issue

An issue of Belgian franc bonds of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank) is planned for public offering in Belgium on February 28, 1972 by a group of leading Belgian banks. The banks will offer BF 1,000 million of 7¼% 12-year bonds. The bonds will be issued at par. The underwriting group is headed by Societe Generale de Banque, and includes Banque de Bruxelles, Kredietbank, Banque de Paris et des Pay-Bas Belgique, and Banque Lambert.

The new issue, to be known as the Emprunt en Francs Belges 7¼% 1972-1984 (7¼% Belgian Franc Bonds of 1972, Due 1984), will be dated March 1, 1972 and will mature in seven installments of BF 50 million each from March 1, 1977 to March 1, 1983 and a final installment of BF 650 million on March 1, 1984. Beginning March 1, 1977, the World Bank may redeem part or all of the issue, at par, on any interest payment date on three months' notice. Interest will be payable annually on March 1, with the first payment due on March 1, 1973. The issue will be listed on the stock exchanges at Brussels and Antwerp.

The World Bank has previously made two public issues in Belgium aggregating BF 1,250 million. Of this amount BF 500 million has been repaid, leaving outstanding BF 750 million.