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LOANS & CREDITS August 27, 2020

Mozambique - Conservation Areas for Biodiversity and Development Project – Phase II - Additional Financing

Global Environment Facility (GEF) trust fund Grant: US$ 23,115,776

Project ID: P172777

Project Objectives Description: The project development objective is to improve management of target conservation area (CA) landscapes and enhance the living conditions of communities in and around these conservation areas. The Additional Grant would  scale up activities in the three existing Project components, specifically to: i) strengthen opportunities for sustainable dryland management in CA landscapes, by supporting capitalization of specific financing windows for such activities under the BIOFUND Endowment Fund;  ii)  provide support to the  National  Administration for Conservation Areas (ANAC), CAs and communities in and around CAs to improve capacity for sustainable  dryland  management; and  iii) expand restoration interventions.

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Stephanie Andrea Crockett