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LOANS & CREDITS May 20, 2020

Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda - Emergency Locust Response Program

MPA Envelope: $500 million, of which $200 million is sourced from IDA18 and $300 million from IDA19

  • Djibouti
    IDA Credit:
    $6 million equivalent
    Maturity: 40 years    Grace: 10 years
  • Ethiopia 
    IDA Credit: $31.5 million equivalent
    Maturity: 38 years    Grace: 6 years
    IDA Grant: $31.5 million equivalent
  • Kenya
    IDA Credit:
    $43 million equivalent
    Maturity: 30 years    Grace: 5 years
  • Uganda
    IDA Credit:
    $48 million equivalent
    Maturity: 38 years    Grace: 6 years

Project ID: P173702

Project Objectives Description: The objective of the Emergency Locust Response Program is to respond to the threat posed by the locust outbreak and to strengthen systems for preparedness. This will be achieved through: (a) locust surveillance and swarm control activities that limit locust population growth and curb the spread of swarms while mitigating the risks associated with control measures; (b) livelihood protection through safety nets to prevent human capital and asset loss and return affected cropping and livestock households to productivity; and (c) improved preparedness for future locust swarms by strengthening the capacity for surveillance and control operations to facilitate rapid response. Within each country, the targeted populations include those directly affected by the locust plague, and those indirectly affected through food price increases due to lost production.